Welcome to the 2023 AMA Safe Hours Audit

This is the fifth national AMA Safe Hours Audit the AMA has conducted since 2001. The AMA will publish a report on this Audit’s findings in early 2024 and we will use the information gathered to lobby for useful workplace reform.

To help doctors determine whether they are at risk of fatigue, the AMA has developed an online fatigue assessment tool (AMA Audit). Doctors who use the AMA Audit tool can choose to receive an online assessment of the fatigue risks of their work pattern. Doctors who are assessed as being at risk are encouraged to raise this with hospital management.

To complete the AMA Audit, participants will need to be prepared with details of their actual working, non-working and sleeping hours for the week of 20 November to 26 November 2023. Participants will also need to have on hand the hours they worked in the previous week as well as their roster for the week following the audit period.

This AMA Audit will be open from 20 November 2023 and can be completed retrospectively until 22 December 2023.

Audit closed